Attorney Bruno R. Morasutti and his paralegals are committed to helping individuals and families as they confront complex legal issues brought about by financial difficulties. Since 1983 Attorney Morasutti has successfully represented clients who have an unexpected job loss, illness or other calamity leading to an inability to pay bills as they come due. This invariably causes distress, fear and uncertainty about the future. Almost everyone has a negative reaction to bankruptcy; there are many misunderstood aspects of the bankruptcy laws and some plainly wrong ideas of life after bankruptcy. To learn the facts about the benefits and long term effects of a bankruptcy filing on a person’s financial and employment life, contact Attorney Morasutti. We are conveniently located at 405 Broad Street, Meriden, CT 06450.

The Help You Need

We understand that the primary goal of a bankruptcy is to discharge all dischargeable debts so that the client gets a fresh start. However, protecting your assets and especially insuring that all of the property you have a legal right to exempt, like your home, and a vehicle, are absolutely saved from your creditors. You deserve careful, personal, individualized and confidential legal counseling during these and other difficult times. Years of experience has taught that to be an effective advocate an attorney needs to listen to how the client feels and what the client perceives as her problem. It is only then that an attorney can formulate and communicate his professional legal opinion and begin to work with you, as a team, toward the same goal, which is to fix the problem.

The Experience You Want

We believe that experience, skill and common sense are the invaluable tools all effective attorneys need in abundance to properly serve a client. Because no two individuals are alike, good communication and a clear indication from your attorney that he understands the problem and knows your legal rights, are essential ingredients in developing a trusting client attorney relationship. No one wants sympathy but we all like an empathetic ear when we need help in sorting out a matter and a comforting word goes a long way especially when it is backed up by action.

Centrally located in Meriden, Connecticut, we serve clients throughout New Haven and Middlesex counties and all Connecticut federal bankruptcy courts. Attentive and ready to answer any question or concern, or to just offer reassurance, you will always be able to reach Attorney Morasutti personally. Although assisted by capable and experienced paralegals, Attorney Morasutti is fully aware and in charge of all aspects of your case. Attorney Morasutti has represented hundreds of people in Connecticut courts bringing to bear his formidable legal skills and knowledge to every case he has. And before a specific course of action is undertaken in a particular case, all available options are first discussed with you, the client. Once an informed decision is made on a strategy, it will be implemented and you will be kept apprised of everything that happens.

Personal Injury

Some of the other areas of law practiced by Attorney Morasutti include personal injury, criminal, and family law. If you have been injured in a motor vehicle accident, Attorney Morasutti has extensive experience in presenting a case for maximum monetary recovery from the responsible person and insurance company.

Criminal Arrest/ Driving Under the Influence

If you have been arrested for driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs, or for any other criminal offense, we can help you avoid a loss of drivers’ license, or a criminal record, either of which can have devastating long term effects. We have successfully represented numerous people charged with felonies and misdemeanors. When you have been charged with serious criminal violations, you need the aggressive legal representation we will provide.

Dissolution of Marriage

If you need assistance and legal counseling because you are getting a divorce and are not sure what your rights and obligations are, we will be there every step of the way insuring that your voice is heard and that decisions affecting your family will be in their best interest. Attorney Morasutti is proud of his ability to effectively bring about fair resolutions in family and child support, alimony and custody cases. He has represented individuals involved in family matters in all state courts including the Connecticut Supreme Court.

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